Your only unbiased source for mortgage and credit information. I don't take applications or "harvest leads." I help people of all credit types avoid ripoffs and save money - since 1999. -- Carolyn Warren
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ZAP Your Debt and Discover Wealth

If you're sick and tired of worrying about debts, bills, collections, harassing phone calls, bad credit, law suits, an auto repo, tax liens and all the rest that goes along with that two-ton burden of debt, then this information can literally set you free.

My name is Carolyn Warren, and I've been in the mortgage business, advising people about their credit, for over ten years, and I'm a published author with the highly-respected, global publisher, Wiley & Sons, Inc.:

I put together a system I call Zap Your Debt™ and Discover Wealth to help good people who are in a bad situation with their finances. This is help for people who are over their heads in debt, who were victims to greedy credit card monsters, loan sharks, unfortunate circumstances, or lack of knowledge about finances.

It's not a scam, a fraud, or wizardry. You CAN zap your debts and get them off your credit report. You CAN legally settle tax liens for less. Just follow the simple, step-by-step directions. It's worked for literally tens of thousands of other people, and it will work for you, too.

Rest assured that all of the strategies are 100% legal and according to law.

So here it is... The 8 Parts of the Zap Your Debt™ and Discover Wealth System:

  1. Zap Your Bills
  2. Zap Your Credit Card Balances
  3. Get Justice for Unfair and Fraudulent Bills
  4. Use Legal Loopholes to Zap Collections and Charge-offs
  5. Get Your Judgments Dismissed
  6. Negotiate Auto Repossessions and Have Them Removed From Your Record
  7. What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy
  8. Zap Your Tax Debt

Part 1: Zap Your Bills

"Thanks to the Zap Your Debt Spending Tracker, I found an extra $200 a month! Simple math says that makes me $2,400 richer this year!" – Julia M., Kent
"I love the Zap Your Debt Spending Tracker! I was trying to use Quicken, but it was so complicated and had features I paid for and didn't even use. This is easy and fun, and I cut my expenses by using it." – Lynette S., Seattle

Part 2: Zap Your Credit Card Balances

"I'm a single mom with two kids. I was making $7.50 an hour. I guess you'd call me one of the 'working poor.' One of the ideas in Zap Your Debt and Discover Wealth struck a chord with me. I took action and got myself a new position, and now I'm making $20.67 an hour. What a difference! I was able to quit renting and buy a little starter home. I'm on my way!" – Cara L., Des Moines

Part 3: Get Justice for Unfair and Fraudulent Bills

Part 4: Use Legal Loopholes to Zap Collections and Charge-offs

This works! In Houston, Texas, a collection company by the name of United Recovery Systems, Inc. paid $240,000 in cool cash to their victims—consumers who used this very same legal loophole to get even. (Original article with the details validating this story on p. 25)

Part 5: Get Your Judgments Dismissed

If someone slaps a judgment on you, whatever you do, don't ignore it! That could prove to be a fatal mistake, as many people have sadly discovered. A judgment won't go away just because no one ever contacts you. It'll pop up at the worst possible time, like when you're trying to buy a house or car.

Part 6: Negotiate Auto Repossessions and Have Them Removed from Your Record

State laws limit the ways a creditor can repossess and sell a vehicle. If any of the rules are violated, the creditor may be required to pay you damages. That's a sweet deal for people who were treated wrongly. There are three legal loopholes you should know about, because you may be entitled to compensation. Chances are, no one has ever told you about this before, because most people don't know. And the dealerships certainly aren't going to tell you!

Even if the repo is a done deal, you may be entitled for financial compensation. But worse case scenario, if you're not, you can still have the repo deleted from your credit report.

The 3 Legal Loopholes that can get you compensation. But make no mistake, you have to take the initiative, because no dealership will voluntarily give you money back! They're counting on you not knowing the law.

Part 7: What You Need to Know About Bankruptcy

What the law says about bankruptcy is explained in clear, plain English—for once! The difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and which is the better option. Includes the new bankruptcy laws that went into effect in 2006. Plus, the link to get your own state's individual laws.

Part 8: Zap Your Tax Debt

A little-known program set up by Congress allows people who are over-burdened by tax debt to have a one-time opportunity to settle for literally pennies on the dollar. If you've got the cash to pay your back taxes, then this program isn't for you. But if paying the tax bill will cause you "economic hardship," then you're going to be very interested. I've got the two forms you need. Plus, the exact formula that the IRS uses to calculate your settlement. Get this now, because taxes aren't going to disappear on their own.

Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom is Guaranteed

I'm confident you'll be pleased with the Zap Your Debt™ and Discover Wealth System. If you're not, take me up on my 100% money back guarantee. It's good for 1,000 (one thousand) days! It's simple: you like the information you get, or you get your money refunded. And you don't have to make up your mind in two weeks or thirty days, like some guarantees; you have one thousand days.

But Wait, There's More!

You get three free BONUS GIFTS for ordering the Zap Your Debt™ and Discover Wealth System now:

Bonus Gift #1: "Spam Attack"

This special report is for people who hate spam—those awful emails that show up in your in box. The disgusting porn, Viagra offers, lose weight scams, money scams, deceptive mortgage offers, and all the rest of the junk that is a total waste of your time and email space!

Bonus Gift #2: "The Secrets of Mystery Shopping Revealed"

Do you love to shop? If so, you may as well get paid for it. But watch out, there are more "mystery shopping" scam offers than you can shake a stick at. Here's how to tell the real deal from the frauds.

Did you see an ad that said you could make from $100 to $5,000 an hour by mystery shopping? Forget about it—they want you to pay them money up front, and they're all fakes. Those so-called "Mystery Shopper Certificates" and "Mystery Shopper Registrations" they sell you are worthless!

But there is a way to become a Mystery Shopper for real—and it does NOT cost you a single cent. All the information is in this report. You can literally get started the moment you finish reading, for free.

Bonus Gift #3: How to Stop Email Chains

Chain emails—they used to circulate by postal mail, but these days, chains, frauds, and scams are showing up via email and in Internet chat rooms. This report tells you how the greedy little game works.

And most important, what to do if you receive an offer, including the email address to report the offenders to. Together, we can stop these solicitations by turning in the perpetrators! Simply send an email to the proper government email address.

The Details

If you have financial concerns, high debts, collections, a repo, a judgment, a tax lien, then you will come out far, far ahead by getting the Zap Your Debt™ and Discover Wealth System. Even one brilliant idea makes it worth getting, but chances are, you'll find many tips, loopholes, laws, and suggestions you can use.

You receive it in download e-book form, so you don't have to pay postage or wait for snail mail. Simply double-click on the link I send you, and you have it. It is 48 pages. You can save it to your computer and also print it out for permanent safe-keeping.

Get the Zap Your Debt™ and Discover Wealth, plus all three bonus gifts for only $12.95. Limited time offer. Price subject to change.

Frankly, if your finances are perfect and your credit is excellent, then you don't need this information. On the other hand, if you've got financial issues, I don't see how you could go wrong. Especially with my famous 1,000-day guarantee and the bonus gifts thrown in. Get started now.

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