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If You Have Ever Been Late on a Payment, Read This Now

Insight from Industry Insider Carolyn Warren

Did you happen to catch the Super Bowl ad that said one auto maker would not report your bad credit to the credit bureaus?

In case you missed it, the ad for Hyundai's sleek new auto, the Assurance, said if you cannot make your payment because of a certain life changing event—like losing your income or a medical situation—you can return the vehicle and walk away from your loan obligation and it will not hurt your credit.

"What?!! You mean if I have an auto repo, it won't go on my credit report? Is that legal?" he said, nearly freaking out. I replied...

Yes, it is! Contrary to what you've read in so many articles and online, a repo (or other type of late payment) does not have to go on your credit report. Even if it really happened.

Why? Because the Creditor owns your credit information for their account. If they decide to "forgive" or "overlook" your late payment, they can. It is 100 percent legal, and it's done all the time.

I've been saying this for many years, trying to get people to believe that it is not mandatory for bad credit to be on your credit report. And now I have new proof broadcast all over America right during the Super Bowl Game! Hyundai has a WALKAWAY® program where they will forgive what you owe—even if you're upside down in value—and keep it off your credit report, too. (As long as you meet all the requirements of the program. I went to their website and read it, and I found it to be more than fair. You can take a look yourself at, if you like.)

"Aha! So now what about my other missed payments?" he asked. "Is there hope for getting those off of my credit report?"

My answer is under "Credit Scoring." Go to the top of this page and click on the house icon for Credit Scoring. What you read may just shock and surprise you, in a very good way.


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